Click4Advisor's Methods to Receive Advice

User/ Client

* Receiving Advice Made Easier
Users can receive advice with a simple phone call or a click of the mouse. A single Click4Advisor User account allows a person to get advice by phone, online chat, and/or in a conference setting with any Click4Advisor enabled Advisor.

* Private and Secure
Click4Advisor's platforms are secure, in which we NEVER share personal information.

* View Advisor Profile and Feedback
For all different advice methods Users can view a particular Advisor's profile and feedback from previous Users.

* Extend Your Advice Session
With Click4Advisor's 'Add Money' feature, many Users choose to extend their advice time during phone and chat sessions.

* Make Your Connection
Users, with a Click4Advisor account, can connect to any Click4Advisor enabled advisor online or by calling 1-888-626-7386.

Note: Click4Advisor does not maintain a directory of Advisors.

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How To Get Advice Through The Click4Advisor System